She’s So Weezie’s Focaccia

“Patience and a warm kitchen”

4-½ cups flour, all purpose
½ tsp yeast

2 cups water, between 110℉ and 120℉
1 tsp sea salt
1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons olive oil, bestest kind

For garlic/rosemary infused olive oil:

12 cloves, Garlic
Olive oil

1. In a large bowl add flour and yeast.  Mix well.  Make a well in the centre. 

2. In a 2 cup measure add warm water (between 110℉ and 120℉), sea salt, and honey.  Stir well to mix.   Add to the flour mixture, while mixing with your right hand.   This is a low- to no-knead dough so gently incorporate ingredients by folding, turning, and squeezing gently.  Mix only long enough to incorporate ingredients.  Dough will be rough.

3. Place dough into a lightly greased bowl.  Add in 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Fold in gently.   Then perform a series of folds on the dough.  Grabbing the end of the dough farthest away from you, pull (don’t tear) the dough up and away from you allowing the weight of the dough stretch itself.  Then fold the end you are holding across the dough towards you.  Tuck in at the end nearest you..   Turn bowl ¼ turn and repeat this folding pattern 4 times.  Fold.  Don’t knead.  

4. Cover with damp cloth and let sit in a warm spot (about 26℃) for about 20 minutes and then repeat the folding process.   Do this ‘rest and fold’ process a total of 4 times. With each iteration, dough should become smoother and more silky.

5. Cover with plastic and let rest until doubled.  In my 26℃ kitchen this took about 4-½ hours.   Some recommend a cooler and slower rise:  overnight in the fridge.

6. Once doubled, grease (olive oil, your bestest) a 9 x 13 metal pan.  Press out dough into corners.   If it doesn’t quite fit, cover with damp cloth and try again in 10 minutes.

7. Once in the pan, cover with a damp towel and let proof for 1 hour in a warm kitchen.  Some recommend proofing in the oven with only the light on. 

8. While this is resting, prepare garlic/rosemary oil infusion.   Add garlic cloves and dried rosemary to a suitable amount of oil.  You can use remaining oil later for drizzle after baking or other things (such as your next batch of focaccia).   Bring oil to simmer for 15 minutes.  Put aside
9. Water fingers and dimple dough working from one end of the pan to the other.   Press fingers firmly down into (but not through) dough.   Extract garlic cloves from oil infusion and press into dimples.

10. Cover pan with damp cloth and let proof for an additional 1 hour. 

11. Heat oven to 450-475℉.  Top focaccia with rosemary and a sprinkle of sea salt.   Bake in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes.  

12. Drizzle with infused olive oil.  enJOY!

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Pompousaurus Rex


Pompousaurus Rex (ˈpämpəssɔːrəs /’reks/ )  is type of sententious dinosaur. Several species have been classified in  continental North America, though only one is recognized in Canada; P. Rhodesscholarus. Originally found in the Lessest Antilles (Newfoundland), this dinosaur is a medium build, omnivorous biped with rounded back, short upper limbs, spindly lower limbs, and receding hairline.   Due to the distinctive combination of broad, interminable points-of-view and tongue tipped with spikes, Pompousaurus  is one of the most recognizable of the Condescending Broadcasting Character(CBC)-type dinosaur.

The function of this array of points and spikes has been the subject of much speculation among scientists, bloggers, and CBC viewers. Today, it is generally agreed that their spikes are most likely used for defense against competitors, while the points-of-view may have been used primarily for display, and secondarily for thermoregulatory functions as a critic of  anthropogenic climate change.  Pompousaurus has a relatively low brain-to-body mass ratio and a short neck and small head, meaning he most likely exists on a diet of low-hanging fruit.

Pompousaurus was first identified during a nationally televised event where he confronted Premier Joey Smallwood, who looms large in Newfoundland. The first known appearances were fragmentary and it would be many years before the true appearance of this animal, including the polysyllabic posturing, became well understood.   The name Pompousaurus means “imperious lizard” or “ostentatious lizard”, in reference to its thorny demeanor and high brow.

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December Hay(na)ku – Day 3

day in;
already day behind!

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December Hay(na)ku – Day 2

wish to
Idle No More

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December Hay(na)ku – Day 1

December Hay(na)ku
challenge is here.

due Tuesday;
wish me luck!

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My Relationship with Xbox

X is for Xbox


X is for Xbox

We’re not really party people, and a couple of years ago we were planning a quiet New Years Eve at home.  My adult daughter was planning on joining us in our quietude, and her plan was to bring over her Xbox and a selection of game she’d thought we’d all like, so we could play.   I wasn’t huge into games and I proclaimed loudly “We’re not playing games ALL night !!””    Long story short:    It would be a full 3 months before my daughter saw her XboX again.

The game that hooked us was Portal.  It really appealed to us: lovely screens, interesting challenges and storyline, and a psychotic, yet amusing, narrator.  I”m not a practiced gamer so my usual failing with gaming is that I can’t/don’t understand the controller well enough that I’m clumsy and slow to act or learn.  Games like GrandTheftAuto can be fun, but they don’t hold my interest for long as I feel frustrated and confused.  However,  Portal seemed to progressively let me increase my skill in a way that was incredibly fun.  Xbox and other gaming systems have tonne of games available – there is something for everyone.  Even someone like me.

My daughter started a project where she was replaying and reviewing all of the games in her collection.   She got several done (which are quite amazing) and then lost her book of notes, which has put the project on hiatus for now.

X is for Xbox


This blog entry is part of a Challenge I am participating in for April 2013.   It is an A to Z challenge (26 entries; 1 each day of the month, except on Sundays).   The theme of my challenge is “My Relationship With _______.”

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My Relationship with Walking

W is for Walking

Where oh where did my Walking post go, oh where oh where could it be?   My draft appears to have walked away. Seriously, I started a post and it seems to have vanished into thin air.


W is for Walking

I’ve always loved exploring the city of Vancouver, from the time I got here when the kids were small, and it continues to this day.  I love going on photo safaris with friends or even alone.  I call them Tourist In My Own Town, or TIMOT adventures. We leave our cars at home on the weekends and either Walk or use transit to get where we’re going.
I’ve never been much for running;  it never seems comfortable or natural in the least and if I can get somewhere Walking, I’d have to have a pretty good reason to run to get there and
simply getting there faster isn’t enough of a reason.  The only good reason to run is lacrosse, but I didn’t discover that until I was around 30.

I thought  could Walk forever but the 60km Weekend to End Breast/Womens Cancers proved to me that I cannot.  I do have a limit.  I fund raised 3 years total and completed the 2day route twice.  The 2nd time I participated I wasn’t able to Walk on the second day, my feet and hip were so bad.  Last year my feet were pretty bad but I somehow managed.   My friend Deb, a survivor, has walked quite a few years – in CROCS!   She never gets blisters.  It’s amazing.  She’s amazing.

Slideshow from 2011 Walk

Started mapping my Walks and planning hikes a number of years ago, when I starting training for my fundraising Walks.   I met Sandy around the same time so he was crucial in the mapping and the planning and the enjoying 🙂   We had a map on this wall which, in concentric circles out from our neighborhood, indicated distances in 5km increments.   It was a good way to plan Walks of certain distances, or gauge how far we’d gone in our unplanned adventures.  We also got good at estimating distance based on our travels and we learned how many blocks per kilometer.   In case you didn’t know it, in Vancouver there are a different number of blocks/km depending on whether the street is north/south or east/west.  I’d also use google maps to track routes/distances and eventually started using an app called MapMyWalk.   When I got my new phone (an android) in 2011, it had an app to track that automatically, as well as gps and more.   I used the gps and tracking app to map our mushroom hikes.  They were good for pinpointing us to a coordinate of a map but for the most part we were out of range of any map that that app would use so our progress would be tracked on a square grid.  For a while it was great fun, but these days I’d rather spend my time Walking, actually Walking, and not poking at my phone.

W is for Walking


This blog entry is part of a Challenge I am participating in for April 2013.   It is an A to Z challenge (26 entries; 1 each day of the month, except on Sundays).   The theme of my challenge is “My Relationship With _______.”

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My Relationship with Vulnerability, and Voice

V is for Vulnerability and Voice

you look fine

V is for Vulnerability and Voice

First and foremost I have to say, of all the things I’ve encountered over the past while, this TedX talk by Brene Brown on ‘Vulnerability’ has really affected me.   It really had me considering this whole concept and I’m still trying to work out my relationship with it.  My book club is ‘doing’ one of her books next month, which – coincidentally, I had recently just started reading.  I hope it will provide me with further  insight and clarity on the important experience of being vulnerable and having a voice.  This video is worth the 20 minutes.

I do know it is important for me, in order to exist, and have healthy relationships, that I need to remain open and vulnerable to a number of things:
1.   I need to be vulnerable to my anger, but manage it and express it in appropriate ways
2.   I need to be open and vulnerable and face rejection
3.   I need to learn to be vulnerable around people when I’m crying without it making me feel like crying even more!
4.   I need to gently remind myself of how much joy can come from being outward and social and also allow myself to have quiet alone time
5.   I have to remain vulnerable in order to authentically connect
6.   I have to be more vulnerable in order to be able to give more trust

I once was at a therapist’s office.  I had been seeing her about some personal issues that were making my very angry and feel alienated.  I felt like I didn’t have a voice in my issues  because no mater how much I tried to explain how I felt, I wasn’t being understood.  I thought I was being misunderstood.  I felt inadequate.  Going to a therapist can make you feel very vulnerable, as does whatever issue you are experiencing.   Acknowledging our faults and sharing them  with someone else is very exposing.  After one particularly intense session, we stood up and she put out her hand. I thought that she was offering to shake, as I’d ‘done well’.   Turns out she just wanted her pen back!  Turns out being misunderstood and being vulnerable isn’t the end of the world after all!

I’ve really enjoyed this A-Z challenge and the moderate Vulnerability it has provided me.  I’m also quite pleased at the Voice it has given me.  It has been a while since I’ve written and shared in this fashion.  I also realized that in examining my Relationships that in order for any of those to succeed I need to expose myself to Vulnerability and find my Voice.   I also need to increase my ’emotional’ Vocabulary.   Thankfully I’ve realized I have plenty of friends who can be trusted to provide me when I am in need.   I love U guys.

V is for Vulnerability and Voice


This blog entry is part of a Challenge I am participating in for April 2013.   It is an A to Z challenge (26 entries; 1 each day of the month, except on Sundays).   The theme of my challenge is “My Relationship With _______.”

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My Relationship with U

My Relationship with U

I only have eyes for Ewe.

photo courtesy of Graeme Jago

My Relationship with U

Today I was Undecided and Unprepared.  So I asked my friends for some U words.   So today is all about U and your U words.

  • Urethra important body part.  Basically, it’s where urine comes out.
  • Ungulates. Upworthy. Upanishads. Ugliness.   Wowsers.  My friends are interesting and smart.  And that’s Uber sexy.
  • Uncle.  Well I didn’t have much of a relationship with my one uncle.  Saw him maybe 10 times in my life that I can remember.  But I do have relationships with two people I consider to be my kid’s uncles.  They’re two friends I’ve had since I was 16.  One is my son’s godfather. They are like brothers to me which, by default, makes them uncles to my offspring.   At one point the two adult kids and the two uncles shared a house, which I refered to as the ‘Kiduncle House’.
  • Uranus, another important body part.   Right next to Urethra!  😉
  •  Uvula.  Good golly peoples, did you intend for this to be a biology lesson?    Yes..that thing-thing at the back of your throat that hangs down.
  • Unction, which is the process (or oil) of annointing an monarch.   I’m not a *real* Queen, but I do have dry skin so lately I’ve been moisturising with Olive Seed Oil.  It seems to be helping.
  •  Ungainly. I’m more clumsy than ungainly….   Do you want to know what my kids sometimes call me?   “Clumsy Mumsy”.   They imitate the sounds I make when I trip or stumble, they know them so well, those mocking birds!  They threatened to buy me a jersey and personalize it with:
  • Upholstery
    Me:  “Knock Knock”
    U:     “Who’s there?”
    Me:  “Chesterfield
    U:     “Chesterfield who?”
    Me:  “Chester field my legs so I slapped him”
  •  Universe…
  • Unstoppable – what a great nickname this would be.  Instead of ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown”, I would be “The Unstoppable Louise Gee”.  That would be fantastic except in my case I would have been given the moniker as the result of an incident in my childhood where I rocketed down the hill I lived on, while sitting on my skateboard.   It was a very steep hill.   I was Unstoppable.    Of course my sister found it hilarious, but I don’t hold it against her.   Sometimes the things we appreciate the most about our siblings are the things that end up causing them the most injuries.   I know I certainly laughed the time she tried to climb out of a tree using a ladder made out of a skipping rope.   She would have been Unstoppable too if it hadn’t been for the ground.   Oh, another thing that my sister isn’t:  Unbreakable.
  • UP! I always look up.   It’s a great mental attitude as well as a great physical posture.  So many great things can be noticed by looking up.   Once, at Brownie Camp, we were having a scavenger hunt and I looked up and saw it was a bag of marshmallows on one of the beams of the cabin we were in.   I’ll never forget the praise that the Brownie Leader heaped on me for having the idea to look UP!   Ok, I admit it:  It was the marshmallows.   I’ll never forget winning an entire bag of marshmallows.
  • Underrated.
  • Unamerican?  When my family traveled in the UK when my sister and I were 7, my father made us wear Canada flag pins on our lapels.   He was from England and he wanted to make sure that people knew we were Canadian tourists and not from the USA.   That is my only experience or association with “UnAmerican”.   As an adult, I’ve come to know lots of Americans and I’d be loathe to try and categorize anyone as American, or un-American.   I dislike labeling people.   People is people.
  • Uxorious – ‘foolishly fond, or doting upon one’s wife’.   I suppose I am rather fond of my partner.  We don’t like gendered terms like ‘wife’, but I do consider him a diesel dyke.   He has a non-gendered name so when we visited family and friends on the East Coast a few years ago they all later confessed, one by one, that they weren’t sure if I was bringing home a man or a woman… ‘not that it matters’.  Do I dote on my wife?  Undecided.   Uncertain.
  • Uterus – check.  Got one.  Rented it out twice.  A womb for two.   Now, slightly aged, has had some minor repairs due to one of the tenants deciding she needed to leave through the wall instead of the door.   It gets a fresh coat of paint every month, although I am not longer considering future tenancies.  Thanks for your inquiry.
  •  Uppsala, Uniform, Uppity, Unguent, Unctuous… oh my goodness.  I really DO have the smartest friends.
  • Understanding.
  • Upanishads….This word came up twice in the suggestions.  Thank you, I’ve learned something new today. 🙂
  • Underwear
  • Udders
  • Ubiquity
    My Relationship with U


This blog entry is part of a Challenge I am participating in for April 2013.   It is an A to Z challenge (26 entries; 1 each day of the month, except on Sundays).   The theme of my challenge is “My Relationship With _______.”

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My Relationship with Thing-Things

T is for Thing-Things


T is for Thing-Things

T is for ‘thing-things’ which is what I say when I can’t remember a word I’m looking for.   For instance:  “I put the tinned eggplant on the shelf in the kitchen with the thing-things”, or:  “Do you want to order those thing-things that you like?”   The phrase “thing-thing”  is interchangable with ‘doflicky’, ‘whoseywhatnow’, ‘whatchamacallit’, and ‘thingiemabob’.   Part of the reason I like ‘thing-thing’ is that it rolls so easily off the tongue, it doesn’t sound silly like ‘youknowwhat’, and it repeats.   I like things that repeat.   I like things that repeat.  Did I mention that I repeat myself?  Oh, yes, sorry I already did.

Some of the other things that I like that repeat are numbers, specificially times.   Do you know how many times I see 11:11 on the clock?  The correct answer is not  “Probably twice a day…”.   Smartypants!   The point is that I see 4:44, 5:55, and 11:11 way more times than I see some random non-repeating time, such as 12:26 or 3:28.   It’s spooky.  Of course I’ll become really worried if the time I keep seeing is 6:66, but otherwise I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Once, quite a while back, I mentioned this to a work buddy who commented back that, oddly enough, her mother had been seeing 4:44 and 5:55 quite a bit and had remarked on it to her.   At work whenever I notice 11:11 or 2:22, I call it out loudly.   People no longer pay any attention to what I’m saying….

Another time I was telling a friend about 11:11 as we were crossing the street and a stranger heard me and started talking about the end of the world.   He was even more strange than he was a stranger, so I disregarded his comments.  Until one day I noted on the movie network, a film by the name of 11:11 playing.   I quickly tracked down a copy of if for .  I was so excited to think that the number thing was finally going to have some sort of interesting idea to associate with it.  Wrong.  Worst movie ever.  This movie stunk.  End of the world and the gates of hell are being opened and this is being foretold to a girl who spent her life in a mental institution because when she was 11, a ghost killed the escaped convicts that killed her parents and they thought she’d done it.  Now the microwave is malfunctioning and she’s seeing messages in fires burning on the hardwood floors and dolphins are turning on their masters but she doesn’t want to say anything in case they think she’s crazy.

11/11/11 – Another really bad movie.   Bad bad.  Stupid bad.  Not good in any way bad.

There’s a good reason I’ve become known to repeat myself and it is because I have two kids: Thing One and Thing Two.  Or as I like to call them:  #1 daughter and #1 son!!!  Sometimes making sure that everyone knew what was on the go involved me having to say things not once, but more than once to more than one child.   Sometimes I’d tell one kid something multiple times which would prompt said child to accuse me of repeating myself.   Invariably that also meant that I’d forgotten to tell the other child, at all.   Things have changed now that everyone is on their own, and I’m getting older.   Nowadays, I just forget to tell both of them most everything.

Which brings me to the point about thing-things.   As I get older my brain seems to make connections to weird randomness and drops connections with other things, like words.   When that happens I will continue to call them thing-things and I’m sure you’ll all know exactly what I’m talking about.  T is for Thing-Things.   Have I mentioned I like thing-things?



This blog entry is part of a Challenge I am participating in for April 2013.   It is an A to Z challenge (26 entries; 1 each day of the month, except on Sundays).   The theme of my challenge is “My Relationship With _______.”

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